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Richard Dickie Bradley Defends Alexis Rosado

Attorney Richard “Dickie” Bradley is also one of the attorneys representing former Ambassador Alexis Rosado. After Rosado was criminally charged with rape, sexual assault and aggravated assault, he relinquished his diplomatic postings overseas. And while that might be the case, he remained as a co-agent on Belize’s ICJ case. Bradley says that a person cannot be crucified based on an allegation. Here is how he explained it. 

Richard “Dickie” Bradley, Attorney at Law: “We need to be very very careful and not become emotional in serious matters. A person charged by police that is an allegation. You more than anybody else know that many many persons who are charged they can’t even present evidence when it’s time for the trial or they go through a trial and the evidence does not stand up so the principle of law and the principle of fairness a person who is charged by the police that is based on an allegation – very important. We can’t crucify people on an allegation that is so important. Can we put somebody’s life on hold because there is an allegation on him? Is there any law that he cannot go back to his job, he cannot continue to be a productive citizen? He cannot leave the country once he satisfies a court that he is not running away from justice? If those conditions are met there is no reason for us to want to crucify somebody on the basis that there is an allegation even though a very serious allegation. Nobody has done anything which is irregular, improper, unlawful or even unethical in the fact that the ambassador is requested to continue to finish off whatever –” 

Reporter: But it looks bad I mean you are accused of this and instead of being put on the backbench you’re given a first-class ticket to the UK to represent beliefs in the national stage it looks bad. The public perception says it looks bad. 

Richard “Dickie” Bradley, Attorney at Law: “You especially the media in Belize have to help to inform and educate our public that we can be mature enough to say a think looks bad but it is necessary. It is an allegation you can’t grind people to the ground because there’s an allegation against them especially in a society where we don’t conduct proper investigations, it’s so unfair destroying people’s lives – listen once they charge you and the media puts your picture and puts out everything you could be exonerated 1000 times it doesn’t matter out here you’re guilty.“