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Richard Smith shot to death

A Belizean laborer is dead after he was fatally shot in Hattieville Village, Belize District. 26-year-old Richard Smith, also known as Cinco, was shot several times to the body on Saturday night just after seven o’clock.

A Belizean laborer is dead after he was fatally shot in Hattieville Village, Belize District. 26-year-old Richard Smith, also known as Cinco, was shot several times to the body on Saturday night just after seven o’clock. Prior to his demise, Smith and another male person were socializing at Kite shop in the New Site area. On his way home Smith took a shortcut behind Rabbit Restaurant. Shortly after, shots were heard and he was found bleeding on Farmers Site Road. According to his sister, Shakira Smith, her brother used his very last breath to state the name of the murderer.

Shakira Smith, Sister of Deceased: “We’re kind of lost because after this happened nobody reached out to us. Nobody, well from the police part we haven’t gotten any kind of closure. All we have to do is try to pick up little pieces together to find out what happened because we weren’t present at the time, we never got a call to say ‘you know this is happening’. If people were on the scene hadn’t recognized my brother and know who his family was and tried reaching out to the family and tell us that “he’s on the ground, he needs to get moved, we’re trying to get assistance we’re calling but nobody is coming can you get a vehicle or that.” – we haven’t gotten any kind of answers. All we have to do is look and they tell us that they are investigating but if they are investigating at least come out to the family, who knows someone more than the family ? I mean who can tell you more about somebody more than their family ? If something is happening to you maybe your family knows. You see how things go nowadays, even if people see they won’t want to talk because watch how that video is out, watch how that video is public and I don’t care to share the video because it’s already out and people are already seeing and the thing is why I want the video to continue to be out is because my brother used his last- my brother didn’t get shot where he was on the video, my brother got shot far and my brother tried, he used the last in him to get there until he fell so that somebody could render aid to him and I don’t think my brother should go out like this because my brother is not a dog. All we are asking for is that they do a proper investigation into this so that our family can get justice. All we need is justice and if we don’t get justice at least something we need to know because it can’t go just like this. Why would somebody use their last strength, their last breath to tell you while they are dying to try to tell you who did it to them if they don’t know who it is, if they didn’t see who it was ? I’ve seen investigations being done and this is the first time I’ve seen they haven’t reached out to a family. It’s unfair and I need justice for my brother. I need justice. Now if evidence was even around to help my brother where was the police? We didn’t see any yellow tape, we visited the scene and it hurt me because nobody reached out to us until my mom went yesterday to the police, went to find out what happened. You know from Friday until yesterday, you don’t think you would want answers.”

Smith leaves behind one daughter, Diamond Smith, who recollected the last moments she spent with her father.

Voice of daughter: “My father was a loving and kind father. I always loved him because anything that happened to me he always told me not to make them chance me and for me to fight back. He protected my everywhere I went. On the night he died he knocked on our door and our window and my mommy just told us to tell him to go rest and the knocking just stopped and I loved everything about him. Everyday I saw my dad but the only day I didn’t see my dad was the Thursday and he went up to my mom’s house and he told my mom he only had a hundred dollars and that only I would break the hundred dollars. I feel really sad and at nights I’m always crying and I can’t even eat because my dad isn’t eating too.”

According to, Senior Superintendent Hilberto Romero, Initial police investigation reveals that Smith is no stranger to the law.

Sr.Superintendent, Hilberto Romero, Belize Police: “Investigations revealed that he was at a house in that area along with some friends. He left from that area thereafter several gunshots were heard and that is when he was found lying motionless in that particular area. We had dealt with him in the past but that is all we know.”

Smith’s family is pleading for the Belize Police Department to conduct a proper comprehensive investigation.