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Ride to Border

Earlier this month, the security services came together to put off the annual law enforcement torch run. This weekend, the security services are joining forces once again, this time around, the Belize Coast Guard has scheduled a ride on Saturday.  Admiral John Borland told us about the initiative.

Admiral John Borland, Belize Coast Guard

“Security services ride to the border will take place this Saturday 9th of December starting from The Dump. The Dump is a village which is fourteen miles out of Punta Gorda and we’ll ride all the way on the new Jalacte Highway as I call it and we’ll ride to the furthest outpost in the area which is the Treetops observation post and when we get there the security forces there which is primarily the BDF will give us a briefing and a tour of their facility to further enlighten us members of the security forces and members of the public; the ride is open to everyone. The ride continues on its way back to Punta Gorda making at least two stops in between for refreshments and so people can take care of themselves and we arrive back at Fairweather Camp in Punta Gorda the Battalion Commander down there and his staff will give us another briefing and presentation as to what the Battalion’s role is in the Southern Area of responsibility and how they work down there.”

Anyone can participate in the ride that commences at 6:30 in the morning from the Dump, which is fourteen miles outside of Punta Gorda.