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Rigo Vellos threatens lawsuit

The PUP’s Corozal Mayoral Candidate, Rigo Vellos is fighting off allegations published in the recent edition of the UDP’s Guardian newspaper. The paper published a letter of dismissal dated September 19, 2008, from the Social Security Board, where Vellos was employed at the time. In the letter, Vellos is accused of misappropriation of funds and since it is political season, the Guardian took full advantage of it. The letter speaks of an investigation and states, quote “An investigation was conducted by Internal Audit Services on reports of unaccounted funds for manual receipts, issued by you as a cashier. Based on their findings, management has decided to dismiss you for the following reasons: (1) Funds collected were not brought to account and (2) lack of duty and care in serving the financial document.” End quote. He is accused of misappropriating six hundred and ninety dollars and ninety cents as the letter pointed out quote, “The total amount of six hundred and ninety dollars and ninety cents, confirmed as the cash shortage based on the manual receipts issued, will be deducted from your entitlements.” End quote. Yesterday Vellos had considered giving an interview but his lawyer later advised him not to do so. He, however, recorded a statement and posted it on his Facebook page where he threatens legal action.


“I was not a permanent staff member at the Social Security office at the time. My firing came as a surprise to me for I worked diligently during my time there. What the UDP is not telling you is that other cashiers employed at the same time were also let go. In my view, there was no full investigation and we were simply used as scapegoats. I must point out that I never faced any allegations of stealing, the fact that I was not a permanent staff and branded a PUP made it much easier for me to be fired. I also want to point out that the letter provided to me at that time stated clearly that after I was terminated I was paid my benefits due for my period of work. In a case of wrongdoing as per the labor laws benefits are not paid to employees. I have sought legal advice on the nasty attacked launched on me I will be seeking immediate legal recourse against those who have recklessly smeared my character and caused defamation.”

Vellos is running against the UDP’s Richard Quan.