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Road Safety Unit hopes to curb the number of road traffic accident

Pauline Soberanis Tillett reporting…


“This morning a special meeting was held at the Road Safety Unit, the purpose of the meeting was to address the number of road traffic accidents occurring primarily on the weekends. On board to address the issues were Senior Superintendent of Police Howell Gillett, Transport Officer Valen Hyde, Manager of the Belmopan Traffic Department Kevin Jones and Pamela Scott Project Manager of the Road Safety Unit.

Senior Superintendent of Police Howell Gillett

“What we observed is that our statistics are showing that indeed traffic accidents are increasing in the area of the Western corridor be it from Frank’s Eddy to the Belmopan Junction. There are a number of initiatives that will be done some of which cannot be discussed because they are operational but what we studied this morning is that the speed limit is not being observed and I want to remind road users that the speed limit within populated areas is 25 mph and on the highways its 55mph. We also noted that drinking be it from the victim or the road user was an issue so we’ve done a joint partnership and starting this weekend until further notice the Belmopan Police will partner with National Transport to patrol the Western corridor as well as the Hummingbird Highway. We will also do within the City limits we will have patrols on the specified dates we observed with the city traffic and that will also include Belmopan police so we believe with those two initiatives we will make the highways as well as the streets within Belmopan much more safer and one of the things I want to remind users of the road that we will be going heavily against motorcycle offences because it has become too prevalent in our area.”


Valen Hyde – Department of Transport

“We welcome the opportunity to share with our fellow brothers trying to come up with ways we could improve road safety and to minimize the number of incidents happening on our highways. We are partnering with the Belmopan Police and the Belmopan Traffic Department in trying to ensure that we are out there on a more frequent basis and taking measures to try to minimize accidents on our highways.”


Kevin Jones – Manager, Belmopan Traffic

“Like I said it is a wonderful initiative with the people from the Road Safety Unit along with the police department along with those at the National Transport coming together as one trying to make our streets and highways safe. Thank you.

Pamela Scott – Project Manager, Road Safety Unit

“The Ministry of Economic Development continues its collaborative effort in ensuring that all stakeholders are joining together to fight the same cause which is reducing road traffic crashes and serious injuries, also addressing minor injuries so they don’t move from minor to serious and then to fatal injuries because road safety as we always say is everybody’s business so this joint effort is always welcomed to ensure that we move together in unity to address the same cause because one life lost is one too many.”