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Road Traffic Incident on the Hummingbird Highway Leave Four Injured

Four persons were injured in a road traffic incident yesterday evening just after four o’clock on the Hummingbird Highway.  Reports are that 36-year-old Daniel Noralez was driving a pickup truck on the Stann Creek Valley Road, heading to Dangriga Town when he lost control of the green Ford Ranger.  The pickup truck flipped and Noralez along with the three passengers were ejected from the vehicle.  The other three passengers have been identified as 36-year-old Olrick Castillo, 36-year-old Lynden Kelly and 37-year-old Eric McKenzie.  Correspondent Harry Arzu spoke with a paramedic who witnessed the incident.

Paramedic: “I was actually travelling on the bus. While travelling on the bus I saw there was a police car racing towards a scene and when I arrived on the scene there was actually a car accident, a car ran off the road four miles on the Southern Highway. So when I arrived there there were actually four injured personnel and I decided to call the ambulance service which is the one I actually work for and I assisted and aided in moving the patients form the location they were on to the hospital itself.”

Reporter: You said on the Southern Highway or here ? 

Paramedic: “Well it’s the Hummingbird Highway, it’s close to Sarawee Village. So the scene itself they were driving in a pick up truck there were four of them in a pickup truck and were going I guess heading toward Belmopan and I guess when they got to the curve it looks like the driver lost control and that is how they ended up ending up in the ditch. There was quite an extensive damage to the vehicle itself. It is good that the four patients are actually still doing really well, hopefully the doctors do a really good job in triaging them. The two patients that I was assisting one of them actually had a broken femur and a broken humor – broken arm and broken leg – and the other one had received fractures to the left side of the chest area. Two were actually moved by passersby and the other two patients were removed by Southern Emergency Services.”

Both Castillo and Noralez received severe head and body injuries while the other two passengers complained of bruises and pain.