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Road works continue in Orange Walk

Work has started for the paving of Guadalupe Street in Orange Walk Town.  Mayor Kevin Bernard told us that being one of the main arteries of town, the council saw it necessary to give it proper attention.

Mayor Kevin Bernard

“I had said this before Fiestarama that whatever funding we could raise some portion of it would come to Guadalupe Street but the council has decided that it is urgent, the street needs attention and we have been able to work together with Thiecrob & Sons to come in and do the work so we are partnering with them in the sense that the council is preparing the ground, they will be coming in and doing some of the finishing touches in terms of putting in the all in materials and all the compaction that is necessary. We are hoping that by the end of this week, the first portion will be the Belize Road and the RB sons bump, we will be able to have it already primed and then we will proceed with the second part of the Guadalupe Street, preparing that ground.

Arturo Cantun – Love News

“We knew initially that the plan was to concrete and you were trying to work out something with the businesses on this street. What happened to that plan?

Mayor Kevin Bernard

“What I can say as well and I am very happy to say that, as you know, the business men on this street especially Mr. Abe Rempel, we have other business persons on this street that have pledged their contribution through the GSIP Committee. We are working together, it’s an initiative through Guadalupe Street Improvement Project, The Orange Walk Town Council which will be financing a remainder of the program. We have a seed contribution. I know that we have a commitment from a businessman of directly forty thousand, we have another fifteen thousand coming from another business person and the council will be putting the other fifteen thousand to meet the seventy thousand down payment and thereafter the council will finance the remaining portion over a two year period.”

Currently the council is finalizing its fiscal budget for next year and Bernard explained that more infrastructural work will continue around Orange Walk Town.

Mayor Kevin Bernard

“You know there are other areas and intersections, we have streets like Oleander Street that we would want to pave, we have Street like Santa Anna that is a street that we are proposing that in the next years’ budget we could probably get cemented. As well there are some of the double coating that we will working along with Tiechrob and sons will be the ones that will be doing those works for us because we want to double coat the Saint’s Alley and Muffles Street and the Mahogany and Sapodilla Street that we recently did manually, Westby Alley will be getting its second coat shortly and so there are a lot of works that we will put in. Our focus is streets and infrastructure and so that is where we are going to put most of the resources in there.