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Road works to resume on the Crooked Tree Causeway

Infrastructural upgrades continue on the Crooked Tree Village causeway. The road has traditionally been vulnerable to flooding and heavy rains commonly result in it being impassable by vehicular traffic. According to Chief Engineer at the Ministry of Infrastructure Development, Lennox Bradley, the causeway is being repaired in phases.  

Lennox Bradley, Chief Engineer Officer, MOWH: “The Crooked Tree Causeway has always been something that the ministry has been looking at. Over the recent years we have been upgrading the causeway in phases. No? If you notice, about five years ago we had raised, lifted the section closer to the village to a little where it reduced the potential for flooding and the first mile from the highway, that is not subject to flooding. It’s the first section from the bridge to that one mile area that is subject to flooding and we still have it on the table. Currently, we are thinking about carrying out a second phase and that if from the highway going in at least a mile to try and upgrade that road. We have it on the table and we’ll be upgrading the Crooked Tree Causeway in phases.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love Fm News: You don’t have a date as to when that second phase will begin? 

Lennox Bradley, Chief Engineer Officer, MOWH: “Well I think within the next two months or so, two, three months because we have to go to procurement phase and those things. No? And that normally takes about two/three months before we get the necessary approvals but the funds are there for it and we will try to upgrade at least a mile going into the Cooked Tree Causeway very shortly.”