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Roads in Orange Walk South neglected

When the Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced that the roads that cane farmers have to traverse would be receiving an upgrade, this was welcoming news. However, Jose Mai, the PUP Area Representative for Orange Walk South, told Love News that his area is being neglected instead the monies are going towards repairing the roads in areas control by UDP Area Representatives.

Jose Mai – PUP Area Representative Orange Walk South: “I think the amount that they allocated was $300,000. It was supposed to be shared in  the cane growing areas so I spoke to the CO and he said that the money was supposed to be allocated and from that I could check with the officer to follow up to see what would be done and how much the Government invested and so on but when I did that set I found out that it was nothing like that and the men themselves in Orange Walk paid their representatives in Orange Walk North Gaspar Vega and Orange Walk East Elodio has already decided they would share this ony equally $150,000 for Orange Walk North and $150,000 for Orange Walk East. How will two UDP Area Reps just strong the money so to speak for their constituencies and without any concern for the other constituencies. I will tell you Orange Walk South has 200,000 pounds of sugar cane that is 16% to 18% of national production. We have 719 Cane Farmers, we have 237 miles of sugar road. How is it possible that they would keep all this money and not give anything to Orange Walk South for repairs.”

Mai said that it is unfair that roads in Orange Walk East and Orange Walk North be repaired while the roads in Orange Walk North are neglected.