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Roads in the South flooded due to heavy rainfall

Rainy weather in the south brought flooding in some areas, making it impossible for vehicles to access certain areas.  Toledo Correspondent, Paul Mahung reports.

Paul Mahung, Toledo Correspondent, Love FM News: “Rainy weather conditions last night resulted in set backs to vehicular traffic due to flooding in several low lying areas in rural Toledo. The vehicular traffic set back also affected normal school sessions in several rural Toledo schools. Although efforts to get in touch with NEMO’s Toledo Coordinator were in vain other reliable sources confirmed that throughout this morning the Blue Creek Bridge was under water as well as flooded areas in San Benito Poite and the road section near Jacintoville leading onto San Felipe and Corazon Creek. Indications are that the water has gone down fast and that by mid-morning vehicular traffic had returned to normal en route to San Felipe and beyond. With water levels going down in other flooded areas it is expected that all vehicular traffic will return to normal throughout the course of the day.”