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Roaring Creek Resident Kicked off Flight

Roaring Creek Village resident 32-year-old Louis Tingling says he had a horrible experience on an airline when he boarded the flight on Saturday from the Orlando, US to Belize. Tingling says that he wanted to switch seats but was denied- from there things escalated and Tingling and his brother were kicked out of the plane. Here is how he explained it. 

Louis Tingling, Roaring Creek Village Resident: “The stewardess lady was acting very rude with all the guests that were on the plane, she had no customer service. She ended up kicking me and my brother off the plane along with two other people from Placencia.”

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: Why ? 

Louis Tingling, Roaring Creek Village Resident: “Because basically we wanted to move seats. We wanted to get towards the back because it was the whole back of the row it was six or seven rows empty and usually when the planes are empty they usually let people go sit in the back or sit where they feel comfortable. My brother really wanted a window seat, that was his first experience coming back to Belize so he wanted the window seat and I tried to express all this to her but she was just really… the way I see it I don’t know I could be wrong but the way I seen it she just really wanted to show her power. She wanted to show that she was in control and whatever she wants she does. Two caucasian male and female that was sitting behind me they were okay to go sit in the back and then I asked her can I go and she said no and then she was ignoring me, acting very rude. Other people were now starting to record this because of the way she was reacting and then she ended up asking another brother in front of me if he wanted to go to the back he said no so then I asked her well may I go and she then now told the pilot that I was being obnoxious and that I needed to get off the plane. When I got off the plane… I first refused it and they called the Orlando Police and they came and they told everyone to get off the plane. When I got off the plane three of the officers surrounded me and my brother and then they then said the reason why was because I was sitting in the emergency exit seat and I didn’t want to get out of that seat and go into my seat which is a bold face lie. Everyone on the plane witnessed it and we have the audio and we have the videos to prove everything.”