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Robbers Carry Out a Double Whammy in Southern Belize

A Guatemalan man was killed yesterday afternoon in the Stann Creek District. Police say they were called out to the White Bridge area on the Coastal Road where they came across an overturned gold Ford Explorer vehicle. On the ground was 39 year old Edwardo Samuel Caal Sub, who was bleeding from the head. Police realized that Sub, who lived in Hope Creek Village, had been shot to the head. He was rushed to the Southern Regional Hospital however he was pronounced dead on arrival.  According to Dangriga’s Commanding Officer, Senior Superintendent of Police, Ralph Moody, investigators are looking for four suspects. One of those suspects is believed to have been involved in a robbery in Silk Grass Village hours earlier.


“We also have in our custody a Subaru car that was taken away from Mr. Eduardo and was found at about ten miles from La Democracia. I must say that vehicle was picked up last night, was taken to the Hattieville Police Station and was processed this morning. We don’t have any person in custody as yet. We have four suspects that we’re looking for. We don’t have the information as to what happened. We just suggest that Mr. Eduardo was passing by, he saw the accident, we believe that he stopped to render assistance. We don’t have the evidence to support that, we just suspected that during his stop and wanting to render aid he was held up and his vehicle taken away. I must say that the suspect in this case is also suspect in a robbery at Silk Grass. I must say that we have some very good evidence that will assist us with that robbery.”

Police believe that the thieves involved in the Silk Grass robbery were involved in an accident. Sub came across the accident and tried to assist, however he was killed. This is the first murder for the year in Moody’s jurisdiction.