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Robbery at City Corner out West

City Corner Supermarket in San Ignacio was robbed at gunpoint on Friday. According to the police report, business man, Jun Wen Li reported that at around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, he was sitting behind the counter in his supermarket when he saw a man enter his store wearing a grey hood jacket with the hood over his head. He saw another man enter seconds after dressed in a black T shirt and a Black and Grey camouflage 3/4 pants and a grey shirt over his head holding a silver 9mm pistol and pointing it at him and his workers. A 3rd man entered the store dressed in a white shirt and a black shirt over his head and went behind the counter and took all the money out of the cash register, his black smart Samsung phone and his 10 inch IPod Air. The three men then left the store and ran down 3rd Street and got into a white Mitsubishi car with no license plate. Efforts were made to locate the suspects and the vehicle however they were unsuccessful.