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Robbery by pellet gun

Two minors robbed a grocery store with a pellet gun. And though it’s not considered a dangerous weapon that needs to be licensed, the charges they may face are very real. At 11:20 a.m. on Thursday, two persons entered Tai San Shop on Garza Street in the Capital. One of them took out what appeared to be a firearm, pointed it at the store owner Junyoung Wu and demanded money. They took two bottles of rum, a pack of cigarettes and cash and fled the scene.  Wu reported the incident to the police and the thieves were caught trying to reach a getaway bus at the terminal. Officers detained two minors with a knapsack and inside they found the cash, two bottles of rum, a pack of cigarettes and a black Swiss and Arms four point five millimeter pellet gun.  Police have detained two boys, fifteen and sixteen years old for the crime.