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Robbery Suspect Gets Bail

And in news from the courts, twenty-one year old Tareek Smith, who was remanded on a charge of robbery with a firearm, was released on a bail of $6,000 today. The bail was granted with certain conditions, including that Smith is to report to the Raccoon Street Police Station every Friday, starting the fourth of January until the matter has been completed. Another condition is that he must attend magistrate court in Independence Village in January, and he is to reappear until the case has been dealt with. He is not to interfere with any of the witnesses; or get rearrested for any offence while he is on bail. The robbery occurred around 7:15 p.m. at Jian Store in Independence. Fifty-two year old Chinese national Yuejian Lui reported to the police that while he was in his store, 4 men entered, one with a .38 revolver and another with a knife. He the man with the knife, stayed by the door while the gunman jumped over the counter and began to search the place. He said a customer tried to exit the store but he was challenged by the man at the door. The customer, however, still managed to get out. Lui said one of the men punched him on the left side of his face and they stole over three thousand dollars in cash and valuables.  Three other persons besides Smith were charged. Smith was represented at the bail hearing by attorney Dickie Bradley. Crown Counsel Riis Cattouse represented the Crown.