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Robbery unsuccessful due to money changer’s quick thinking

A money changer was attacked last week in Corozal.  ACP Joseph Myvette said Jose Sanchez was targeted around 6:30 on Thursday morning as he was entering his yard. Two men dressed in dark clothes approached him and demanded money.

ACP Joseph Myvette

“The information is that sometime around 6:30 a.m. on Thursday last whilst Jose Sanchez was entering his yard he was approached by two male persons dressed in dark clothing where on one of them pointed a firearm at him and demanded money. He did not have any money and as a result of that quick thinking led him to blow the horn of his vehicle and when the neighbors started coming out the culprits then made good their escape.”


“Now we’ve seen a number of armed assaults on money changers, this one thankfully was unsuccessful but is this a new trend in crime that you all are analyzing or observing that money changers are being targeted at their homes?”

ACP Joseph Myvette

“What I can say is that Corozal police have certainly re-strategized and they have also over the last few days met with the money changers in regards to security.”