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Rochus Schreiber explains resignation from BTL

It was one week ago that the news of Rochus Schreiber’s resignation from BTL began surfacing.  The speculations mounted after, especially in the absence of a statement or comment from Belize Telemedia Limited.  Last night, however, Schreiber did not hesitate to speak on his departure, saying it was something embedded in his contract.

Rochus Schreiber – CEO BTL: “I am extremely grateful to the Board of Directors. I am very humbled and honored to have had the opportunity to have served as the very first foreign CEO at the helm of a Belizean utility company BTL. It was a very significant step for them, my job was very clear, to lead the company through a digital transformation period however it was always clear that this is a Belizean company that is lead and run by Belizeans so at this time it is only a natural step that the company is moving forward very actively, it is progressing dramatically, we have transformed our visual brand as you can see behind us, we have rolled our fiber optic networks that now covers over 80% of the country and at this point it should be helmed and led further by a Belizean so this is a very natural and a good time point to hand over the reigns to the many qualified people whom I have met here in the country and also in our company. It was a contract.”

Johnelle Mckenzie: “Is the contract up?”

Rochus Schreiber – CEO BTL: “The contract is coming to its end and I am not leaving today or tomorrow so we are going through a proper transition period where I am handing over the reins and that has always been built into the contract.”

Schreiber gave 90 days notice and will be at BTL up until September.  He told Love News that he will be going back home and spending more time with his family.  As it relates to BTL’s debt in taxes, Schreiber refers to it as an allegation.  He says the matter has been vented in the public domain but what he didn’t tell us, was whether the Chairman, Net Vasquez did write to the FinSec asking for a tax waiver of millions of taxes owed.

Rochus Schreiber – CEO BTL: “Allegations have been publicly vented and they are out in the public domain. Likewise, the company has released our position and so has the Government so today we are focused very much at this joyous project which is Digi Learn while those items have already been discussed at great length in the public domain and the statements have already been made.”

Earlier this week, GST Department issued a release saying that BTL is being audited and that when that concludes then they will have a better idea of where BTL stands.  Their release also added that BTL has been constant in paying taxes.  /////////