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Rocky Relationship Ends in Death

Blancaneaux 3A weekend domestic dispute turned fatal in rural Belize as 30-year-old, Thytis James Blancaneaux, originally from Esperanza Village, Cayo District was fatally wounded.   Police investigators briefed the media on the incident.


“From that investigation we received another call at about 2pm of a stabbing incident in the Spanish Town area of Lords Bank where we found Thytis James Blancaneux, 30 years, of Lords Bank where he was fatally stabbed by one Keyren Tzib, his common law. Apparently there was a fight, a domestic dispute between the two and Mr.Thytis was fatally stabbed by Ms.Tzib.”


Love News met up with Blancaneaux’s sister, Minerva, who expressed her sentiments on the death of their baby sibling, which was allegedly done at the hands of Coast Guard Seaman, Keyran Tzib.


“He called me at 11:15am while I was at the doctor with my daughter and I couldn’t speak to him but I answered the call just to let him know that I would call him back later and then I cut it off .  I sent him a message when I got done. I didn’t get a response and I didn’t think anything of it because that was typical. I went back home and when my sister came in and we sat there and then we got the information. Somebody called to ask us to check Facebook and see what was going on. No police informed us of anything at all and when we got the story it was supposedly they got some relative’s number off his phone that lives in Belize City and they called the person to identify the body at the morgue even though they had his ID and they were satisfied that that was sufficient relative to notify and then we had to go through our own sources to confirm that the incident was real and that it had actually happened. It was a huge shock and we are still trying to come to terms with it but there is also a whole bunch of other stuff that we have to deal with. So to date we still haven’t been allowed to see the body, while it’s  a police case and their policy is that until they have completed the post mortem nobody is allowed access so there is still a lot of things in limbo. It happened on Saturday and today is Monday. If we are lucky, we will get a post mortem by Wednesday and that is not a guarantee so all these days passing by and we haven’t even seen him so it hasn’t sunk in that the guy is really dead.”


And while, the family is left to pick up the pieces and put their brother to rest, we spoke with the couple’s landlord, Max Tejeda, who explained to us how the entire incident transpired on Saturday, July 18.


Max Tejeda


“We were socializing together with Tzib and his boyfriend and another girlfriend. So what happened is that they started arguing and out of that argument her husband jumped up and hit Tzib somewhere around her ear and then they got in here and then Blancaneaux came and got a piece of bamboo and started hitting Tzib with the bamboo. He broke up the bamboo on her. Then they cooled off a while. I intervened and then another girl intervened so then he motioned as if he was going to go after her again saying, “I’ll do you something”.  After he did that Tzib had the knife in her hand and just got him with the knife. He walked over to where I was and he told me to call the police and that was it.”


Thytis Blancaneaux 1There were several persons socializing at the residence just prior to the incident and according to one man, he had just left to buy cigarettes and upon his return, he saw Blancaneaux on the ground, already dead.


“From earlier on in the morning we were socializing and we were having a nice time and we had plans to cook some pigtail and beans for us to eat then he was talking to his woman and was bothering his woman and she told him to leave her alone and I thought it was a joke when I saw him smiling. I told my other friend that we ran out of cigarettes so we went to buy some cigarettes. So now we left the man in good hands and everything and everyone was around him and when we came back we saw him lying on the ground and it had already happened.”



This afternoon Kiren Tzib was charged with manslaughter. Tzib was arraigned on the charge before the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith. She was remanded into custody until September 8. A post mortem for Blancaneaux is yet to be scheduled.  Later on in our news, we will tell you about the relationship and some woes that the couple were having.Keyren Tzib