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Rodney Rushing was Murdered by Someone He Knew

Police in Corozal continue to investigate the murder of American National 66-year-old Rodney Rushing. Originally from Alabama in the United States, Rushing recently returned to Belize, to his residence along the Consejo Road in the Corozal District. He was shot several times on Wednesday night as he exited his vehicle. As many as nine gunshots were heard. Commissioner of Police Chester Williams confirmed that Rushing may have been killed by someone he knew. 

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “We’re still trying to ascertain a motive. We know the expat recently came to Belize and was renting the house in the Consejo layout and from what the investigation is showing is that he had just arrived home in his vehicle and as he exited someone opened fire on him. He was rushed to the hospital and was pronounced Dead on Arrival. We have one person we’re looking at who, from what investigation is showing, was constantly at the house. Certainly the person knew the expat had money and robbery may have been the motive so we’re looking for the person who was always at the house with him.”

Reporter: Do you know what was taken?

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Well it appears as if money was taken.” 

Reporter: Okay. I think the official police report, or the unsanitized police report mentioned two persons and a neighbouring police officer who shot at these two person.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Yeah and we’re looking for the person in question that we believe is responsible.