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Rogers: “BPP stands in solidarity with the unions”

This morning the Belize Progressive Party, BPP, held a press conference, where the party’s leader, Patrick Rogers, emphatically stated their solidarity with the unions. Rogers said that the unions are receiving so much opposition from the authorities without the realization that the unions are the ones that help to build political parties and as such can break them.   Rogers alleges this morning in his presentation at their headquarters on Vernon Street, Belize City, that the politicians are trying to penetrate the leadership of the unions to keep them divided.

Patrick Rogers – Leader of the Belize Progressive Party:“The reason we have been planning to work closer with the Unions is to empower the Unions a bit more. So that when the fight for Belize comes around,that Unions leading the charge with the students, who are the next group that they will look to target to make sure that the consciousness that we talk about needs to be changed so that Belize can change is accelerated at a faster rate. So clearly the teachers’ fight is another attempt at what we call Union busting where the Minister getting a little wind under his wings now since the teachers have backed off the industrial actions, they did in 2016. Now they feel then the topper topper and they can strongarm the teachers. So we just ring the bell and make them know the teachers have solidarity not just among the rank of Union membership but there are alternative bodies out there like the BPP that stands in full solidarity with President Elena Smith and the BNTU.”

Rogers said that the BPP are lending their support to activists and other social partners in an effort to bring about a balance to a system which is made up of leaders that are dictators rather than servants of the people.