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Rogers calls out Briceno to state his party’s position on ICJ

To date, the main opposition party, PUP is yet to take an official stand on the ICJ issue and up to the end of 2018, the caucuses of the party remained divided.  Patrick Rogers of the Belize Progressive Party called out to the Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno’s to state his party’s stance once and for all.  Rogers even went further to note that Briceno’s inability to have his party take a stand has aroused suspicions.

Patrick Rogers – Leader of the Belize Progressive Party: Now I have challenged Johnny Briceno Belize because we were roommates in University, you don’t know that. He was the one that set me up out here right now to do the right thing for Belize. Are you taking orders from the foreign secretary from the United Kingdom because we know how geopolitics play and we know you are her majesty’s loyal Leader of the opposition so are you being constricted by those that control her majesty to say yes so that her majesty’s controllers don’t have to pay a monetary compensation to Guatemala to settle article 7. Answer that for me please because for three years I have been asking you to come out because the country can’t wait indefinitely for the PUP to take a position on this. Clearly more than half of its party is saying no but this man cannot give you a yes. What is causing you to do that Johnny. I will do a personal presentation to you if you want but we need half of the PUP at least to kill this election on April 10th if it reaches there otherwise you know what will catch us, votes will be bought because it’s just another election and people that are in line with what their party is doing are just going like robots to vote yes.

Robert Lopez Leader of BPM: “We reached out to the PUP, we understand that after a northern caucus meeting they were to get back to us but they haven’t gotten back to us. We want to have a meeting with them. Essentially we met the southern caucus and a few members of the western caucus who are of a firm no position and we continue to be in contact with them but we certainly want a meeting with the Leaders of the PUP but the ball is in their court so up to this date we have nothing so we have to call them out because it is unacceptable.”

Rogers said that Belize needs to bring England to the table since the 1859 treaty concerning Belize was between England and Guatemala.