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Rosado denies owing GST 600K

It is alleged that Yhony Rosado, a businessman and a member of FECTAB owes the Government of Belize, in particular, General Sales Tax (GST) more than half a million dollars. Today, FECTAB held a press conference where Rosado denied the accusation.

Yhony Rosado

“GST have audit meet two years ago. They didn’t find anything. Then we meet four months ago and they have given me the results of a default of $600,000. As you know the GSU is trying to get rid of all the opposition of all the criminals and the GST is trying to get rid of all the outspoken persons. This amount of default by GST on behalf of me. On behalf of my business. This is to make you get a gun and shoot yourself. This is a ridiculous number I don’t even think I own $600,000 dollars. But the GST has ordered me, have defiled me of $600,000.

“I don’t even see, I don’t even know how  $600,000 look. I have not counted so much money in my life. I have called this press conference on the permission of the president Mr. Tom Greenwood and the help from the activist of Belize to help me in this battle against the GST/GOB. It is painful for me that the government of Belize has found me too outspoken. Have found me with too much opposition against the CHUKKA. I was fighting chukka. While fighting chukka we fought carnival. While fighting carnival we fought BTB then MITCH then GST now GOB.”