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Rotarians and BDF soldiers team up for community work in Punta Gorda

A group of BDF soldiers participated in a community service project yesterday in Punta Gorda. The BDF soldiers painted a part of the Punta Gorda Town clock, a project undertaken by Punta Gorda Rotary Club as explained by Rotary Member Roy Maloney.

 Roy Maloney – Rotarian

“PG Rotary has taken on painting the lower portion of the clock tower to freshen it up and also to get it back to the history of the blue color that it always had so we solicited funding through Scotia Bank, Belize Bank and the Belize Telemedia Limited. Their monies are what is making it possible and having BDF here, doing the painting, helps and keeps our labor costs down making it possible to freshen it up in time for PG day.

The group of BDF soldiers who directly participated in the project included Cpl. Alexandro Bah, Privates Frank Fuller, Gumerzindo Coc, Seferino Pop, Karl Augustine and Omar Mendez from F Company BDF First Infantry Battalion stationed at Fairweather camp in Toledo. Comments from several passersby made complimentary remarks of a job well done regarding the BDF soldiers assisting the Rotary Club project to brighten up a part of the PG Town Clock that surely needed repainting.