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Rotarians take to the stage for a good cause

The Rotary Club of Belize will be putting off its latest stage production beginning on Thursday night at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts. Rotarian Sandra McKay shared what the audience can expect.

Sandra McKay, Rotarian

“The play is called God’s way and it’s written by Dalia Harris from Jamaica. It’s a story about a family that’s going through some familiar societal problems and the whole twists and turns in the story is what we want people to come out and find out but invariably we all go through challenges as the ad says that is playing on Love FM quite often, even the child seems to have known about questionable activities of the father and so here is a mother and a wife trying to cope and her friend as well is there and we have to see how they process these challenges and how they are able to weave their way through them. Will they be able to come out successfully or not and that’s the whole content of the script. We do include the usual things that the public expects from a Rotary play, humor, singing, dancing, good clean family fun and we’re hoping that the entire family will come out and support this worthy cause. The proceeds go to our Gift of Life Program which Rotary helps children to travel overseas for congenital heart disease surgery and so we are hoping that in recognition of the cause, persons see it fit to see we are sold out every night. It’s looking like it, but we have to make sure because we have to meet our goal financially to carry on the rotary projects. You may know that we also help with scholarships throughout the country, we assist with feeding programs in two schools and we build homes for needy families, we distribute wheelchairs, we construct playgrounds, the list is pretty extensive so the proceeds will go to a worthy cause.”

As we said the show debuts tomorrow and McKay says it is an event that is tailor-made for the entire family.

Sandra McKay, Rotarian

“It opens tomorrow night, Thursday July 2. It runs for Friday and Saturday night as well, the third and fourth, seven thirty pm nightly and we do start punctually so we’re encouraging the public to be seated before seven thirty because the doors close at seven thirty. The tickets are fifteen dollars for general, thirty for reserve and fifty for premium. They are available at Karl H. Menzies on Barrack Road, Compumax on New Road and at the Bliss so the strong suggestion is get your tickets early. Parting words, it’s worthwhile coming and seeing. Last year and I believe the year before, in fact, all our Rotary productions, this is our twelfth production that Rotary is putting on as a play and many times we have been sold out. Last year, we were sold out before opening night and so it tells you that the public has grown accustomed to what we deliver and they are willing to come out and support it so my encouragement is get your tickets early, come out with your whole family, support a worthy cause, make sure you are impacting the society positively just by your thirty dollars or your fifteen dollars and best of all walk away with something positive and applicable to real life.



McKay said is important to thank the sponsors who make the show possible.