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Rotary Club of Edmonton donates playground to St. Luke

Apart from academics, it is very essential that a child is provided with opportunities to play since there are certain skills that can only be learned by socializing and playing. In this regard, the Rotary Club of Edmonton in Canada outfitted several schools with playgrounds here in Belize. Today, St. Luke Methodist Primary School was the recipient of a playground from the Rotary Club. Love News spoke with Markus Muhs of the Rotary Club of Edmonton who said that the playground took four days to build.

Markus Muhs Rotary Club of Edmonton: “This playground, every playground usually takes about a year of planning; when the original playground is sourced from the school,  where its from, to where we load it up. We have Cisco going on the ground of the schools finding out where they have space to put the playground. This one was a bit challenging because it is a very narrow strip but what we did was we took a playground that is more square like and we stretched it out to fit it in there.”

Johnelle Mckenzie: “How long did it take to put it in place?”

Markus Muhs Rotary Club of Edmonton: We began construction yesterday morning and we finished it yesterday afternoon, last minute.”

Dr. Carol Babb, the Chief Education Officer at the Ministry of Education, was instrumental in making the donation a reality and noted that playing is also very essential to a child’s development.

Dr. Carob Babb – Chief Education Officer, Ministry of Education: “As you know play is serious business. It is through play children learn to develop physically, cognitively and in every other aspect of their development. It Is through play they learn to socialize, their language develop, they learn to become independent, they learn to resolve issues. A playground is very helpful for students because like us they are pressured too. They have emotions and this one way that when they get on the playground then they can release all of their anger, pressure or whatever is affecting them.”

The principal, Pamela Bodden, shared how her students will benefit from such a kind donation.

Pamela Bodden, Principal of St. Luke Primary School: “I was approached by Mr. Woods from  Cisco construction. He came to me and told me that somebody had recommended that St. Luke’s get a playground and later on I was told that that person was Dr. Carol Babb, the Chief Education Officer. I think we were blessed and I am very grateful. I do believe that the park will solve to develop them in all the different ways that they didn’t get to play before. I counted like six segments and each one of them would enhance one of those fundamental skills: climbing, sliding, stretching, jumping and all the other skills that we take for granted that we know our children should master in their development.”

The Rotary Club of Edmonton installed the playground simultaneously with two other playgrounds, one at Stella Maris School and the other in Sandhill Village./////