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Rotary Club Gives Mother of Four a New Home

A 2-bedroom bungalow wooden home was handed over to Tanesha Plunkett, a mother of four this morning in the Port Loyola area of Belize City.  The Rotary Club with support from fellow Rotarians in Canada were the ones who provided the funding of about twenty two thousand dollars to complete this undertaking.  Tessa Usher is the President of Rotary Club and according to her it is all about how the club can help and who really needs the help.


“Well you know that one of the services that the Rotary Club of Belize Offers is the House Building project. Each year depending on the funding that comes in we would choose recipients that need a home. How we go about choosing those recipients we have a committee and after we have chosen the recipient that goes to the board, the board approves or ratifies and then we would proceed with the project for that particular person. How we identify the most needy person is that we look at the income of that person, the ability of that person with their work and their children. In this case Tanisha was chosen because she had nowhere to go, she had challenges in terms of placing her kids  in one particular area. She had them at different locations each day to sleep and they are all under the age of 4 and so we thought that that was one of the most urgent needs to keep the entire family together. She had them placed with different family members.”

The house was built in parts by the inmates at the Kolbe Foundation and transported to the land on Q & S Street.  The land belongs to Plunkett’s mother and the club had gotten authorization to place the structure on it.  Plunkett says she is excited and is now desperately seeking employment to care for her children.


“I’m excited, thankful, words can’t begin to explain how happy I am.”


” You’re planning to move in when?”


“When the guys are finished, they are almost finished so probably tomorrow or Friday.”


“Are you employed?”


“Not at the moment but I am looking for something. It’s been rough these past couples months being a single mom taking care of four kids it’s been really hard trying to find a job so this is a blessing.”

The Rotary Club of Belize is in dialogue with the Belize Electricity Limited and the Belize Water Services to get the utilities installed at no charge.  The house took about six days to be constructed and was handed over with bunk bed frames, stove and other pieces of furniture.