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Rotary International President Barry Rassin speaks of world tour

The Rotary International President Barry Rassin continues his tour of Rotary Clubs in Belize. On Tuesday night, Rassin, who is accompanied by his wife Esther, was hosted at a reception dinner where they were joined by Rotary members from across Belize. They were also joined by District Governor, Jose Interriano and his wife Ena, along with a small delegation from Guatemala. On Tuesday, the Rotary International President spoke of the magnitude of the work by Rotarians across the world.

Barry Rassin: One thing I have loved about our theme is that I get inspiration everywhere we go when we see what Rotary is doing in different countries. We’ve been to eighteen different countries so far and Africa. As an example; we visited six different countries, visited a number of the schools and to see children who have fresh water and toilets in the school for the first time ever and how much they appreciate that from Rotary, that inspires us tremendously. To go to the Philippines and go to a human milk bank where for the first time poor mothers are getting good nutrition for their babies because people are donating their breast milk. To visit also in the Philippines a project where the Rotarians have built three hundred homes for the homeless to get people off the street. We visit those kind of projects and you realize one by one around the world what Rotary is doing to change lives and I can’t tell you how inspirational that is for us to do. We can go country to country around the world; it is absolutely phenomenal what is being done and my wish is that each and every one of these projects could be told to the world. We wouldn’t have one point two million rotarians; we would have ten million rotarians because they see the impact they could have by being a part of this organization.

Rassin and his wife will be touring the country for the rest of the week.

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