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Felix Reyes for Rotary President 2019/2020

Felix Reyes is the new President for the Rotary Club of Belize.  The official handing over ceremony took place on Friday, June 28 at the Biltmore Plaza.  Reyes takes over from Robert Usher.  According to Reyes, his focus has a lot to do with networking and building the Rotary connections.

Felix Reyes – President, Rotary Club of Belize (2019-2020)

“My plan for this year is keeping with the Rotary theme for 2019, 2020 which is Rotary Connects the World. My focus and my team’s focus which is the Board of Directors will be on connecting with members. We want to do a five-year strategic plan so that we get all our goals and objectives of our membership to steer us over five years time. We also want to connect with new generations, we want to bring in the family, we want to deal with the youths like young professionals, we want to Interact, we have sister clubs: Interact and Rotaract. We want to work with them more and bring them more into the flock. We also want to connect with leaders through creating increased membership and of course retention for our present members. We want to connect to the community, we will continue our health and education programs. We will increase our image of Rotary and the scope of our work so that people out there could know exactly what Rotary does in the coming year and of course we will keep our programs going, our deliverables to the community: Gift of Life, Burnt Victim Fund and other assistants like BERT. We still want to contribute to Polio; we still have Polio Eradication Programs going on and we want to focus more on projects and fundraising so that we can increase our capacity to make the increased deliverance to the community. A lot of needy people out there still need assistance and Rotary would like to be one of those agents that would assist the needy in our community.”

Barry Nowlin, former President of the Rotary Club of Belize, spoke of the works of the Rotary Club of Belize and the benefits to the community.

Barry Nowlin – Foundation Chairman, Rotary Club of Belize

“We have been able to have successful fundraisers that impact the community in a most positive way. We have the Gift of Life, we also have house building, we have food programs for needy children and we have many things that we are involved with. We want to thank everyone in the community for your support and share with you the benefit of Rotary. As we conclude this Rotary year and start the next Rotary year the incoming President and Board are committed to the community and we project in this year that we will continue our projects that are very popular and positive. We are planning to continue and expand and to do even more for the community.”

The Rotary Club has been a fixture in Belize since 1957. Belize, along with Honduras and Guatemala, is a part of the Rotary District 4250. /////