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Rotary’s ambulance donation

Today, the Southern Emergency Service located in Hopkins Village received its second ambulance from the Edmonton Riverview Rotary Club in Canada. The ambulance was brought in on a US military aircraft.  The staff of the Southern Emergency Service was at the airport to receive it. Love News spoke with Rose Smith, one of the directors of Southern Emergency Service, who explained why the donation was needed.

Rose Smith Director Southern Emergency Service: “We are really excited to be able to be here to accept it. We are located at the junction of Hopkins road and Southern Highway and we have been licensed to service the Stann Creek area and South into Toledo if requested.”

Diane Williams, the past president of Rotary Dangriga said the Edmonton Riverview Rotary has donated three ambulances to Belize.

Diane Williams Past President Rotary Dangriga: “Out of the three ambulance that headed to Belize this is the second one that is going to Southern Emergency Services. Earlier this year they received the first one and this is the second one and this will benefit the South of Belize for especially families that do not have the access to motor vehicle or can reach the hospital in accidents when they are sick. We saw the need in the area to get an ambulance to the those families get their sick patients to the hospital.”

Williams said that two years ago they had started their discussions with the Edmonton Riverview Rotary about the ambulances.