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Rowan Garel is the Caribbean Adventure Ambassador

Rowan Garel has been bestowed with the title of the Caribbean Adventure Ambassador. Garel won the title after receiving a total of 1975 votes.  Garel is a Belizean who was born blind; however, he does not allow his blindness to limit him.  Garel has undertaken many daunting activities such as climbing the Victoria Peak, which is the second highest mountain in Belize, and he has trekked 74.6 miles from Belize’s western border to Belize City.  Garel was elated to receive such a prestigious award.

Rowan Garel

“It’s a real honor because I had no idea this would happen. I’m here to advocate for blind and visually impaired people in Belize as well as people with any disability and show that we can live normal lives and do anything that ‘normal’ people can so that is my motivation through all this; to show that we can be independent and live our own lives.”