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RSV Ltd., Multimedia Systems and University of Belize signs new memorandum of understanding

As a country strives towards developing and reaching its full potential, it is evident that there’s always room for growth in its educational sector. As a result, the country’s national university, the University of Belize has partnered with RSV Ltd., Multimedia Systems and Love Foundation in order to foster the development of the country’s tertiary level education. Today a memorandum of agreement was signed between the organizations, therefore allowing the agreement to come into effect for the current school year. As the Manager for Multimedia Systems, I explained in the following interview what that agreement really means for both institutions.

Rene Trujillo Manager, Multimedia: What we are looking at is a partnership; a partnership to basically encourage people to go back to school to pursue higher learning.  What we are doing on our end with the University of Belize is promoting these over 40 programs that the University offers and so you are going to hear numerous messages now being communicated on More FM, Love FM and Love Television, Estereo Amor  and all our platforms including Social Media is to basically talk to you about what UB provides, what opportunities are available there at the University and to encourage you to go back to school even if it’s one course at a time,one course per semester, whatever it is but to pursue higher learning. We all know advertising can be pretty steep when you look at it especially if it’s a long term campaign that you want to achieve and so the University was looking at ways at how they can make it a little more cost friendly because you know they are not really operating on such a great profit and so when they approached us; it is an idea that Mr. Villanueva immediately embraced and so that signing that happened this morning came after months and months of meetings and negotiations and back and forth and so we finally agreed on how we are going to move forward.

The agreement is beneficial for the country, RSV and Multimedia. And in my daytime capacity as Manager for Multimedia, I also explained what we intend to do.

Rene Trujillo Manager, MultiMedia: We looked at it from our perspective as part of our corporate social responsibility. You know we need to not only look at the bottom line at making money for the company but we have to look at ways on how we can improve the lives of every Belizean in this country and one of those things or the most important thing you have to look at when it comes to improving the lives of Belizean is the Education system and of course it helps UB at the same time to get their recruitment; their enrollment numbers up.

There are two scholarships offered by the company, those are the RSV Ltd and the Rene Villanueva Sr. scholarships which are currently being used by two students seeking to complete their Bachelor’sdegrees. These came into effect within the University of Belize in the new school year, August 2018. RSV Ltd. through the MOU agreement has also made it possible for its own staff members to take certification courses in a Bachelor’s program of their choice that is being offered by the University.