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Ruben Price Walks Free From Murder Charge

Twenty-three year old Ruben Price, charged with the murder of Steven Perez, was acquitted of the charge today by Justice John Gonzalez in a trial that was without a jury. Perez was shot and killed around 9 p.m. on June 26, 2011 while he was at the corner of Dolphin Street and Iguana Street. Shortly after the shooting a police mobile patrol encountered Price on Dolphin Street riding a bicycle. When Price saw the police vehicle he turned his bicycle around and crashed into a concrete fence. He jumped the fence and ran but he was apprehended and taken into custody. There were no eye witnesses to the shooting and the case for the prosecution was dependent on confession statement that Price gave to the police. Price testified at a voire dire held to determine the admissibility of the statement that he was tasered and beaten by the police to give the statement. The prosecution called eight witnesses in an effort to prove that the statement was given voluntarily. Dr. Raul Ordonez, one of the witnesses for the defense, testified that when he examined Price he found that there were abrasions to his chest, neck, abdomen, both arms and knees. He classified the injuries as harm. At the end of the voire dire, Price’s attorney, Simeon Sampson, submitted that Price does not have a case to answer to. In his ruling Justice Gonzalez said that he had doubts that the statement was obtained voluntarily and he upheld the no case submission and gave a formal verdict of not guilty of murder. The Crown was represented by Crown Counsels Killeru Awich and Rene Montero Jr.