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Rudolph Kelly death now a murder investigation

Police have now upgraded their investigation surrounding the death of Rudolph Kelly Jr. to a homicide investigation. ASP Cowo says the post mortem showed that he died from wounds he sustained before he collided into a lamppost on the night of Tuesday May 22.

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “A post mortem examination was conducted on the body of Mr. Rudolph Kelly and at the conclusion of the post mortem the doctor certified that the cause was internal and external exsanguination due to two stab wounds that he had received to his left arm. So that matter turns into a murder investigation. What we have gathered so far is that police definitely know that he had an altercation with other persons. However up to now, where the incident took place, we cannot establish that. We have detained two persons in regards to this investigation. We are looking for one more people. Unfortunately we had to release the two persons because of not having enough evidence to have them in custody.”

Police say Kelly had left his home in Eight Miles and headed to Belize City to seek medical attending for wounds he had sustained to his left hand. He passed a checkpoint on Central American Boulevard where he told police that he was rushing to the hospital to seek treatment. Kelly did not make it as he crashed into a lamppost at the roundabout on the Boulevard. He was taken the rest of the way by an ambulance but he died later that night.