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Running for Domestic Violence Victims

Haven House Shelter will be hosting a fun run tomorrow morning in Belize City. The event was organized to raise funds to expand the services that the shelter offers to domestic violence victims. Vice President, Alyssa Carnegie explained why you should support this cause.


We’re really excited about it because it’s really different, its like any of the other walks we’ve participated in and just like that it’s for a good cause. I think we will have three stations going on the way back that are color powder stations which the participants will be doused in non toxic colored powder. We are hoping, we are really hoping to raise $5,000. The shelter does provide such critical services, it does operate only by referral so we would get a referral from the Women’s Department or the Domestic Violence Unit but provide really critical care and support services. We have a house mother who would cook and provide food and shelter and the needs are different. We have had kids who are three days come in to the shelter along with their mothers seeking refuge or seeking haven and to others who are teenagers. So each case is different, each case is unique and we’d like to get the shelter to a point where it could be able to provide its support services to a larger community especially as we start to build awareness that this is a place that exists and that there are people who care and services out there that you can access.”

The event starts at 5:30 tomorrow morning at BTL Park. Registration is 25 dollars. In related news, Belize High School donated a thousand dollars to Haven House Shelter early this week. The school raised the money through is literacy program. The cheque was presented to Dr. Sharmayne Saunders on Wednesday.