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Rural Transformation Ministry tells Caye Caulker VC to get its act together; Chairlady says issues now resolved:

Get your act together! That’s in essence what the Ministry of Rural Transformation and Local Government told the Caye Caulker Village Council. Back in April, the Ministry wrote the Village Council chair, Seleny Villanueva-Pott chastising the council for not submitting financial reports and inventories on time and there were issues with bank reconciliations and daily deposits. We spoke to Villanueva-Pott via phone about the issue. She explained that at that point in time, there was an administrative transition and the council was ensuring that it can do its job more efficiently. Here’s how she explained it.

Seleni Villanueva, Chairlady, Caye Caulker Village: “I’m a Chairperson but I’m not, it’s not a paid position so I’m not. I heavily depend on my administration and staff. My administrator is the one who is responsible for the day to day operations and finances at my Village Council Office. What was happening was that we were transitioning to neo municipality at the time and we were trying to get the Quickbooks up and running and previously she had asked for a two week’s package and that’s her right as an employee. So I guess when she came back there was this backlog of work there. Not an excuse but you know, when this email came out, we had to get in and we had to make drastic changes. I had to reprimand the administrator and the office staff. We made some changes, some very strong changes. Each person was then responsible for their daily deposits and a daily report had to be sent to myself and the treasurer to ensure that the work was being completed daily.”