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Russians Wishing to Visit Belize No Longer Need a Visa

As per an agreement between Belize and Russia, Russian nationals will no longer need a visa to come to Belize. The reciprocal agreement came into effect today after being signed back in September in New York. According to the Russian News Agency (TASS), Belizeans are allowed to stay in Russia and Russians in Belize, for up to ninety days without a visa. Any time beyond ninety days, a visa would then be required. Prime Minister John Briceno told our newsroom back in October that the idea behind this agreement was to promote tourism.

Hon. John Briceno, Prime Minister of Belize: “We don’t have a high concentration but it’s not about the concentration it’s more about making Belize more accessible to people who would want to come to Belize on holiday, on vacation, or even invest. I don’t think we run any risk of Russians wanting to come to live in Belize or huge numbers to come there are certainly a few that already here but by Removing that restriction it would make it easier for them to be able to fly during their winter period. I mean they have some brutal winters in Russia. There are people with a lot of money in Russia and now that they can see Belize as a destination that they can come to without having to get a visa. And likewise for us you know if we want to go and visit Russia, again we are no threat to Russia that Belizeans are lining up to go to Russia to go and live but if we want to visit Russia then we would not need to go through all that trouble in getting a visa.”

Reporter: So that was signed ?

Hon. John Briceno, Prime Minister of Belize: “That was signed, sealed and delivered. It was done by Minister Courtenay in New York when we were there for the general assembly.”

In 2021, Belize and Russia marked thirty years of diplomatic relations. Russia currently has a non-resident Ambassador to Belize, Victor V. Koronelli. In 2020, the Ambassador of Belize to Russia (with a residence in Brussels) was accredited, for the first time in the history of bilateral relations. According to TASS, the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed the intention to sign additional agreements on the abolition of visas for Latin America and the Caribbean.