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Sadie Vernon’s Career Day

It was the 90’s singer Whitney Houston who said “I believe the children are our are future, Teach them well and let them lead the way.” And that’s what our educators across the country challenge themselves to do in a climate where our youth are more invested online and in cyberspace. But for the 8 hours they are in high school, not only do they learn the CSEC syllabus that prepares them for CXC exams, they must also begin to build the foundation that will launch them on their career path. Today, the 240 students of Sadie Vernon High School took part in Career Day. Love FM dropped by and found out from their professor about the different organizations taking part in today’s learning session about their future.

Jose Sanchez: “The first thing I need to tell you about having a career in journalism or any related field is that you need to know english. English and Literature also helps because I know some of you ask Ms. why do I need to read this, Ms. why do I need to know about that because in Literature you learn comprehension skills.”

Principal Sadie Vernon: “Career Day is a student event that is planted every year around this very same time. It is a very important activity for students, especially students in second form and in the second year. What it does it gives them a more vivid picture of what career and what field of study they can choose in third form. It sensitises the students as to the different subjects that they need to take because some of them already before even going to third form are already into liking for example food and nutrition, arts, science subject, business subjects and so forth and what it actually does is really sensitizes the students into really being careful on what to choose because it will further prepare them not only in third year but it also prepares them in fourth form for any CXC they wish to take and it will also prepare them for the future in the longer run so they would know already of a good idea of what they want to do. Perhaps their parents are Police officers, perhaps their parents are managers and they already come with that mindset and say you know what I want to study business or you know what I want to be a nurse, a doctor and that is where they branch off from early in second form so that is what we do here in school with the guidance and the support of these teachers and principals and Vice Principals. Well over the years we have had several organizations. Today we have had the medical field, the nursing, the Fire Department, we have the Police Department, we have the Customs Department and so forth and of course your presence here as a journalist because students do show interest in journalism a well which is a very interesting field by the way.”

The students at Sadie Vernon High can choose between business, science and technical/vocational education.