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Safety Standards to Be Improved for Tourists

The tourism officials in Belize are looking to improve the standards of sports and leisure activities being offered to visitors, ranging from jet skiing to scuba diving, among others.  John Burgos, the Executive Director for the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) spoke to Love News on this undertaking.



“I sit on different committees that also monitor the different standards and different legislations that are going to be incorporated within this year. Some of them were already incorporated last year for example the minimum standard for scuba diving right now we are working on the minimum standard for zip lining and we are also looking closely with the BTB on the new legislation for the hotels and accommodations that are going to be revised that was legislated in 1997 so all of these we are a part of that process. Of course we work very closely with the Ministry of Tourism as well, we work closely with civil society and the IDB, we work with all these entities and they have an interest within the tourism industry. I know that next are water sports, we are going to begin to look at in terms of setting up the minimum standards. We cannot set all the standards but at least there has to be a minimum and of course one of the key concerns is safety and security for the tourists that are going to be engaging in those activities.”

Once developed, these standards will be implemented across the country at the various tourism establishments.