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Safety Tips from the Fire Service

Many Belizeans who plan to leave home for the 4 day Easter weekend leave either on Thursday night or on Saturday. Apparently many believe it’s bad luck to travel on Good Friday. Nonetheless, while you may run into family, friends and neighbors at the cayes, seaside communities or over the border, your home may need to be secured from unfortunate mishaps like the fire we reported on last night.  Two homes were gutted and 7 persons are trying to figure out plan b for the future living accommodations. Station Officer for the National Fire Service, Orin Smith has a few safety tips to keep your home safe from fire.

Orin Smith Station Officer, National Fire Service: A number of people are expecting to be traveling over this holiday as they usually do and one of the cautions we reach out them with is: unplug every electrical equipment or appliance that is not necessary to be plugged in, consult with a neighbor, particularly one that is not traveling to keep an eye on your home. If you have working smoke detectors let them know that you do and if he hears any of the alarms go off to do an investigation and call the Fire Department immediately. If he does not have a smoke alarm I would advise that he gets one before leaving so that if something occurs within his home the neighbor would know by some means or another since no one is within the home. As well leave a contact number so that you can be reached.”

Jose Sanchez: “And the Fire Service itself, how ready is the Department? Are you fully staffed during this Easter Holiday?”

Orin Smith Station Officer, National Fire Service: We are always staffed and I believed we know fully well the condition of our responding units at this point in time. Nonetheless, we will do the best we can with the resources available to us.”