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Sagitun Banana Farms donate to two schools

Sagitun Banana Farms has lent a helping hand to two schools in the Belmopan area.  Pauline Soberanis Tillett has the story.

Sagitun Banana Farms Ltd. donated bananas to two primary schools in Belmopan. The two schools are United Evergreen Primary and St. Martin Government School in the San Martin Area of Belmopan. The donation is a pilot project to provide bananas to the school on a weekly basis as explained by Dwight Neal Project Manager.

Dwight Neal: “This particular initiative was an idea of mine that came about because of the amount of banana discards if you want to call it that, which is generated every week. I think about ten percent of what we harvest for export does not qualify in terms of the requirements of the wholesaler who buys Belizean bananas that’s Fyffes Ltd. There is certain criteria that every banana has to meet and some of them are either too small or they have blemishes or whatever have you and so they do not make the shipment so what I did was develop a pilot project to look at the possibility of moving some of the bananas, some of these discards from the farms into some of these feeding programs so I started with, I contacted Mr. Rosaline Witty at Evergreen Primary School and Ms. Beth Palacio and Ms. Margaret Enriquez over here at San Martin and we came up with the formula for a pilot if you will.”

Pauline Soberanis: We also spoke to Margaret Enriquez Principal of San Martin School who told us how the bananas will benefit her school.

Margaret Enriquez: “Our school committee catered to students who are mostly immigrant kids, who are the lower income bracket of the community and so we have a feeding program who cater to these students and the bananas we thought were going to be a very good addition to our feeding program. It provides much needed nutrients for the students, additional from what they would get at home because many times they come to school with haven’t eaten in the morning and we try to give them breakfast, it’s not every day but when we do we provide breakfast for them at times and there are times we provide lunch for them.”

Reporting for  Love News from Belmopan, Pauline Soberanis Tillet.