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Said Musa says ‘yes’ to the ICJ

April 10, 2019, is the day that registered voters in Belize will go to the polls to participate in the referendum and decide whether to give permission to the Government to take Guatemalan’s claim on Belize to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). In a press conference earlier this month, Prime Minister Dean Barrow confidently expressed that Belize has an airtight case if the claim is decided by the ICJ. The Government is Pro-ICJ and PUP Leader John Briceno told Love News that he too is pro-ICJ. Yesterday we asked former Prime Minister and current Fort George Area Representative for his decision.

Said Musa, Former Prime Minister of Belize: “More than likely my vote will be a yes vote because I believe that that is the option that we should choose to settle this age old problem that we have with Guatemala.”

Reporter: You do believe that we have a strong case as the Prime Minister expressed about two weeks ago in his press conference?

Said Musa, Former Prime Minister of Belize: “I do. I do believe that we have a very strong case.”

Reporter: Would you say that you would sort of sway your party to present a yes position nationally?

Said Musa, Former Prime Minister of Belize: “I will do my best if I’m given the opportunity to speak to as many people as possible because I really believe that, and I’ve looked at the legal position as well as the political position and I come down squarely in favor of us going to the ICJ. I don’t think yes there is a natural tendency to fear that as I hear some people saying for instance ‘Guatemala has nothing to lose, Belize has everything to lose.’ and that is a very powerful argument quite frankly but the truth of the matter is yes litigation always has risk involved but we also have to take some difficult decisions sometimes when we’re dealing with the integrity and the future of our country. And this is something I’m saying lightly why stay with the court and go to the ICJ. I have studied it as a foreign minister, as a Prime Minister, I have listened to all the opinions, I’ve read all the experts who have written including one that the Guatemalan government themselves appointed, an American jurist- and every single one of them have come down squarely that Belize with all its territory in tact will survive at any adjudication process once it’s based on international law. So I have no fear about it and yes I would support all Belizeans to consider voting yes when that time comes. Of course that’s not the official position of the People’s United Party. I believe the official position will be something similar to the UDP party position which is that people are free to vote their conscience.”