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Discussions have been had on many levels on compromis, special agreements, injunctions, referendums, representatives, traitors, 1859 treaty and treatises.  Perhaps while many have been convinced by their party affiliations towards a yes or no, one voice rang-out above the fray in the House. Former Prime Minister Said Musa was not challenged by his Party for his opinions that went against the grain, and neither was he attacked when he opposed certain Government decisions.  The Fort George Area Representative’s contribution to the debate was a magnum opus of sorts. The gallery on the government side clapped, and the UDP ministers cheered him as he spoke about the need for a united voice and his repeated chorus of “I will vote yes” when the next referendum date comes.

Said Musa: “The Bill will not have the majority in the House, will pass and will go to Referendum but on this Bill Madam Speaker I am signaling now that I will not defy my party line so I will abstain on this bill but when that time comes and it is coming soon to vote on whether to go to the ICJ my position is publicly known by now, I will vote yes. I will vote yes to the ICJ Madam Speaker because I must remain true to myself and my conviction. I will vote yes because as Prime Minister I supported the Foreign Ministry pursuing the path of a judicial settlement in 2007 before the change in Government in 2008. I will vote yes that I may not be happy or pleased with the botched, bungled way that the present Government has conducted the process. I am personally disgusted with the issue, that this issue of national importance has become a political football. It should never be, we should be united on this issue on both sides of this parliament. I am particularly distressed Prime Minister that a number of Belizeans will be unable to vote unless you do something about it and perhaps when you speak you can address that issue when you wind up this debate. Finally Madam Speaker I will vote yes because I am convinced after years of being engaged with this matter, after reviewing the historical facts, after reading all the legal opinions of learned international jurists who have studied the matter, after reading the cases decided by the ICJ and the paramount importance it gives to boundary treaties. I am convinced that Belize has a very strong case to protect and preserve our territory intact.”