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Salazar: Time to End Senate Hearings

Earlier this month, the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry issued a statement agreeing, in essence with the Prime Minister, that the Senate Select Committee quote, “provides  a practical timeline and associated budget estimates that they believe would be sufficient for the fulfillment of their Terms of Reference,” end of quote. Today Chairman Aldo Salazar says he also agrees with the Chamber and that personally he is ready to conclude the hearings after one last witness.


Aldo Salazar, Senator

“It’s been a year I think we have been looking at it thoroughly, it will take some time now to compile the report so I agree with that position we can at least say that these are the witnesses that we want to end with. As far as I am concerned I only have one more witness which is the current minister of immigration that is my current personal view. But the other members of the committee I feel that we can give a summary and say that these are the people that we want to call as a committee and this is the time it will take. Unfortunately that exercise was to be done today we had a meeting and we were scheduled to do that this morning but due to some circumstances some other members could not be here so it was my intention to have that done today, regrettably that was not the case so I feel that we can do that in the course of next week I am going to ask committee members if we can put forward a list of those people we want to call and try to get an answer to the Prime Minister.”


In its release the Chamber had also called on the Commissioner of Police and the Director of Public Prosecutions to quote, “leverage the work of The Committee to complete their own investigations with the aim of bringing criminal charges against all persons who have violated our laws.” end quote.