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Natioanl Security Minister John Saldivar explains his position in relation to going to ICJ

After a very long time of waiting on the Leader of the Opposition to declare a position for the People’s United Party regarding the ICJ and after hearing him waver from a yes to a maybe and now a no; it is anticipated that internal battles within the PUP will come to a stop, for now.  Tonight, we can tell you, however,, that the Government is not changing their view as they long declared a yes position on the matter.  The media met up with the Minister of National Security, John Saldivar, and he cemented the Cabinet’s decision which was formally announced yesterday.

Honorable John Saldivar Minister of National Security: For a long time I have held the position that going to the ICJ is in the best interest of this country. I believe that being in the National Security and having a unique touch with the border issues, things that are happening on our border, things that are happening at the Sarstoon I believe that we do need to get a definitive settlement to these problems otherwise we are going to escalate in my view and it will become more of a security problem for us on the border. If we don’t get this resolved and by resolving and going to the ICJ what we do and achieve from that is perhaps to get the Guatemalan Government  on board in terms of cooperating with us in terms of the border.

Yesterday’s release explained that after decades of failed attempts to end the claim using other options, Cabinet believes that this is the best option for Belize.