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Saldivar Remains Confident on a Win for the Upcoming Convention

A convention to elect the new first Deputy Party Leader of the United Democratic Party will take place on Sunday. The two men contesting to fill the post, Minister of Education, Patrick Faber and Minister of National Security, John Saldivar have been on a campaign to woo the almost five hundred delegates. The two men were in the Stann Creek District yesterday; Faber took his campaign to Hopkins Village while Saldivar was in Dangriga where correspondent, Harry Arzu caught up with him.


“Minister of Education Honorable Patrick Faber and Minister of National Security Honorable John Saldivar are the two candidates who are contesting for the Deputy Party Leader position in the United Democratic Party in the upcoming convention that is slated for this Sunday. In addition Saldivar along with some senior ministers and party supporters met here in Dangriga yesterday where they addressed a number of delegates. Love News spoke with Saldivar.”


“This is our final stop on the countrywide tour that covers the southern part of Belize and I’m so happy with the turnout here today from the south as well as from all the other parts of the country. We had quite a few hundred delegates here it’s an indication of how we will do on May 29. I’m very confident of the victory, we have 80% of the cabinet on my side, we also have over 70% of the entire delegates list so I feel very confident about what will happen on May 29th. The people want to see our party continue with the progress, they want to see our party remain united and I think that is what the vote is going to be about on May 29th.”