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Saldivar says he supported Faber’s ousting from the central executive

Former Leader of the Opposition, John Saldivar, has broken his silence on Patrick Faber’s ousting from the UDP’s Central Executive Committee. Earlier this month, Faber was removed as a member of the Central Executive after the party asked him to remove all social media posts, which attacks the party’s current leadership. Faber did not comply with the request and continued with the posts which remain on his official Facebook page. Today, Saldivar for the first time stated that he supported the party’s move and believes that Faber’s removal does not heavily impact the party’s stance.

John Saldivar, Former UDP Area Rep.: “We have by far the majority of the leadership of this party intact. One or two doesn’t make the majority.”

Reporter: How important is it to mend fences between yourself, Mr. Barrow and Mr. Faber and how will you do that?

John Saldivar, Former UDP Area Rep.: “It is very important but we’ve all got to have one aim.”

Reporter: Didn’t you support his removal?

John Saldivar, Former UDP Area Rep.: “Did I support his..?

Reporter: Removal

John Saldivar, Former UDP Area Rep.: “Removal from the Central Executive?

Reporter: Yes sir. Did you?

John Saldivar, Former UDP Area Rep.: “Yes I did. Yes I did because he needs to take down the posts that he has up there that goes contrary to our constitution. That’s all we asked him to do.”