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Last week, Arthur Saldivar took out a lawsuit against the trustees of the People’s United Party after his application to be a candidate in the Belmopan PUP convention was rejected by the party’s vetting committee. Saldivar said that he was seeking an injunction from the court to postpone the convention.

Attorney Arthur Saldivar: What was before the court last week was an application for an interim remedy, an injunction to stop what would have occurred between the time the suite was launched to the time that the suite was to be heard so that was to ensure that my rights wouldn’t be breached in that period.

Saldivar’s case was adjourned to today; however, there was no longer a need for it to be heard because of the actions of the trustees of the PUP.

Attorney Arthur Saldivar: It became unnecessary to be heard today by virtue of the actions of the Chairman of the party. There is Affidavit that was launched to that effect in terms of the concessions made by the trustee’s to reopen the application period for the convention. That period now stands at July 13th, that is the deadline and the convention is scheduled for August 26th.

Reporter: You would say that this is a victory you?

Attorney Arthur Saldivar: I don’t see it as victory for me, I see it as victory for democracy and I see it as a victory for the rule of law.

Saldivar said he is in the process of re-applying to be a candidate in the Belmopan PUP convention which is now scheduled for August 26.