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Salvation Army Distributes Christmas Hampers

The Salvation Army hosted its annual Christmas party for youths in Belize City a few weeks ago. Today the Salvation Army gave out food hampers at its headquarters on Regent Street in Belize City. Love news spoke to Salvation Army’s Regional Commander Major Joliker Leandre, Regional Commander about the initiative at this time of year.

Major Joliker Leandre Regional Commander, Salvation Army: “As you would have noticed we have kettles all over the place and persons go to your stores and drop in their coins and they check on whatever they have and that is the accumulation of everything, everyone’s contribution that made it possible today so we have started with distribution from the 6th of December and we are continuing until the 29th of December so after Christmas we still have the distribution not only food process distribution but we have visitation in various institutions so on and so forth but as it results to today we have the distribution in three different locations: here no 41 Regent St., 25 Castle St. and also on 12 Cemetery Road and so because of space wise we have people in different locations so that they don’t have to be too taxed together. 850 families and we cater for a family of five. We have 10 different items in the parcels and so we have rice, flour, sugar, beans, sausage, milk, koolaid, corn beef, choco, oil so these are the main items we have on the parcel and in terms of partnership I have to give an overall of all information as to the various programs. We started with the Children’s Christmas Party with 600 hundred children but we cater for 1950 country wide and so we had a number of persons who came on board, some didn’t wished to be named. The person who kicked off the Kettle Launch was Belize Bank and apart from then but we have various other contributors who came on board. I don’t have the list infront of me here but GE, Roy & Sons I think is one of them and you have several other contributors that came on board with checks. In addition the ordinary citizens who bring their contribution so the response has been very good an we thank God for that.

To receive a hamper you must register with the Salvation Army. Distribution will take place on Friday in Hattieville, while Georgeville and San Ignacio will be on the 29th. The Salvation Army will do similar exercise in Maskall, however, the children get a bonus as they will receive gifts.