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Salvation Army Spreads Joy

The Salvation Army is hosting an annual Christmas party for youths in Belize City. The nonprofit group has teamed up with the Belize City Council for the event. Love news spoke to Deputy Mayor Oscar Arnold and Salvation Army Major Joliker Leandre, Regional Commander about the initiative at this time of year.

Major Jolicker Leandre: “Every year we have that annual Christmas dinner for the children from various schools across Belize City and it is an event that we all look forward too, the entire community and as you can notice some of the children started arriving already. Today we are going to have at least 600 children at this location but really for this Christmas season we cater for 1950 children across Belize so this is the first and we begin annually here and then we will spread across.

Oscar Arnold Deputy Mayor: “The relationship with the City Council and the Salvation Army has been going on for quite a few years. Today they have over 500 plus kids that will sit down at a luncheon and feed them and this is something that the Salvation Army does year after year. We know that they are a philanthropic organization and so the City Council has a natural partnership because we serve the residents of Belize City and so we support them in whatever initiatives they do to give back to the residents and society so today it’s a luncheon for the kids, the City Council partnered with them and we continue more works with the Salvation Army.”