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San Ignacio business donates to Belmopan Police feeding program

A San Ignacio based business today made a donation to the Belmopan Police feeding program. Correspondent Fem Cruz reports.

Fem Cruz, Love FM:

A handing over of cereal for breakfast donated by Recinos Imports limited to the Belmopan Police Feeding program was held today in San Ignacio. At hand to receive the donation was Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett.

Howell Gillett, Senior Superintendent:

“We at the Belmopan Police Department are very pleased for this signing with Recinos Imports. This signature and memorandum of understanding will see some 140 kids being fed with breakfast cereal. Two schools will be targeted in our jurisdiction and we are so pleased for this. Why this came about is that you and the nation know that we have a current feeding program for midday meals where we see some 50 kids being fed, that will by next week improve or increase to 75 kids but during that initiative we found out that there are kids also going to school without having a breakfast before classes so we had to do something about it so we contacted Recinos Imports and they were more than happy to assist us with these donations.”

Fem Cruz, Love FM:

“Javier Guttierez the PR person spoke to Love News about how this initiative came about.”

Javier Guttierez, PR Recinos Imports:

“I’m very happy that Officer Gillet came in contact with Mr.Recinos the proprietor of such an interesting company and at the same time I would like to mention to the country that Recino’s Imports Limited is also very active with other organizations like Corner Stone and others. We are the company that brings in the Grandia products which is the group of different corn flakes and grains that the officers will be getting for the students. We also bring in the Pietro Correcilo products which are pastas and of course the different olive oils that we bring under that name. We also have different products that we bring in so we are happy to be helpful to the police to help the children on such an occasion.